Located in the heart of Liverpool - Parr Street; Studio 2 was amongst one of the most famous recording studios in the city. Writhe with musical history and has hosted stars such as: Coldplay, Black Sabbath, Bjork, The Smiths, Take That, Moby, Lightning Seeds, and Snow Patrol, who have all recorded their music here!


Now-a-days; Studio 2 is a bar which hosts live music events, dance performances, functions such as birthday parties and other occasions. It is a showcase for local, national and even international talent.

The venue has incorporated the old with the new – keeping the key elements of the previous recording studio; such as the dividing glass between the main room and the bar area. This pays homage to original control room; along with the ‘ON AIR’ light.

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Studio 2 brings together the community whether that be musical, performance based or just those looking for a great night of entertainment. Our venue has all that to offer; plus our amazing and knowledgeable staff are on hand to create you a fabulously fruity cocktail, pull you that perfect, refreshing pint or anything else from our vast range of beverages.

Indulge in a night of flowing drinks, fabulous performances, flamboyant parties and most importantly: good fun!

Studio2 Buffet Menu

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Venue Technical Specifications

Studio2 has no backline and provides only the front of house system, microphones, DJ boxes. Should bands require  guitar amps or a drum kit, it is the responsibility of the band or promoter to source their own.


  • 1 x Allen and Heath ZED22 mixer (15 xlr + 3 stereo) with FX
  • 1 x 16/4 multicore

Monitors - 3 Way Monitor Mix

  • 2 x Citronic CX stage monitors
  • 1 x QTX PAJ 12" Active Moulded Single PA Speaker

Microphones (6)

  • 2 x Shure SM 58
  • 4 x Lewitt 240DM
  • 1 x Lewitt 540DM
  • 1 x Shure BETA 52a

All microphones are dynamic microphones.

DI Boxes (5)

  • 3 x Behringer ULTRA-DI 100
  • 1 x Samson 2 channel DI

Front of House System

  • 2 x McGregor PR mid/hi 12” + 1”
  • 1 x McGregor MA Power amplifier
  • 2 x McGregor PR Subs 15”
  • 1 x Skytec SKY-800 Mk11 PA Power Amplifier

The venue is an ex-recording studio and was tuned by a true professional. It was essential to keep the warm characteristics of the room and in order to do so all equipment has been chosen to preserve the true roots of analogue sound.

  • Please state any requirements you may have when booking the venue.
  • Leads and stands available on request (please state prior to the night of your performance).
  • Additional equipment can be brought in on request.
  • You may bring in your own equipment.